Pittsburgh Examiner

Kayla Posney's "Ten Questions" interview for the Pittsburgh Examiner was a clever way for readers to get to know a writer.  Instead of questions like "what was the inspiration for your book" (Answer:  Gone With the Wind, and my girlfriend's stack of romance novels - all set in the south) or "tell me about your writing process" (The first half of Wealth and Privilege was hand written.  I used to sit at the sewing machine, write until I ran out of words, then I'd sew while I'd think about what I was writing next), she asked quirky things that surprised answers out of me.

The questions and answers can be found in The Examiner's Arts & Entertainments section.

On the air!

Many thanks to Mark and Izzy for a wonderful time chatting with them.  I felt like I was on Car Talk, we laughed so much!  You can hear it all for yourselves at GemCityPodcast.