The author has presented us with a story so real, I had to shake myself to get back into the present.

by Donald Montano, author of A Stranger Came Among Them

I met this author at the Decatur Bookfest. She was dressed appropriately in the period dress shown on the cover of her novel.  We talked: I ordered her book.  When it arrived at my home back in Palm Beach, I thumbed through the 407 pages thoughtfully.  Hmmm.  Can this novel really hold my interest for that long?

Well, I have to shout it out, dear reading public, this story will not only hold your interest, but will tug at you constantly to read on.  The novel covers a broad slice of American History, yet it is tightly written. The descriptions and dialogue are spot-on as Thomas and Regina spar with each other through thirteen years of deepening friendship that transcends unbelievable obstacles before it is allowed to blossom into a love so deep with understanding my heart fairly sang with happiness for them as I whispered, "At last."

But there was still one more obstacle to be overcome; breaking off a relationship from Regina's past in Johnstown as a flood is about to devastate the whole area. more suspense and more agony as the new lovers are pulled apart once again and must search for each other in the devastation of bodies and wreckage piled high in the streets.  I cannot tell you more, it would be tantamount to treason. But buy the book and lose yourself in the lives of Thomas and Regina as they live through the years of Wealth and Privilege that was the Industrial Revolution taking place in Pittsburgh when it was at the pinnacle of industrial might.